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Ultra Fitness offers the latest in Matrix fitness equipment that has been carefully chosen to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


​Pin loaded

The very latest Matrix pin loaded fitness gear which is perfect for the beginner or those building up their confidence and fitness before moving to the next level. Most machines have rep counters and automatically record the time length of a set.

Click any of links below to see for yourself a video of our amazing gear:

Converging Chest Press

Pectoral Fly/Rear Delt

Diverging Seated Row

Triceps Press

Bicep Curl

Chin up/Dip assist

Leg Press Calf Press

Leg extension

Seated leg curl

Prone Leg Curl

Hip abductor/adductor

Delt lateral raise

Functional trainer

5 stack multi-station


Plate loaded, benches, free weights and platforms

For those serious about their goals and fitness.

Most machines have converging independent arms providing a natural path of motion.

Click any of links below to see for yourself our amazing gear:

Breaker Bench Press

Breaker Incline Press

Breaker Shoulder Press

Mega Double Rack

VKR with chin station


Plate loaded

Shoulder Press 

Vertical leg press

Hack Squat

Supine Bench

Smith Machine

Standing calf

Squat lunge

Seated row

Lat pulldown

Deadlift platform 

Preacher Curl

Decline/Sit Up

Bumper plates

Dumb bells (2.5kg to 50kg)

Fixed barbells (to 50kg)


In our opinion, Matrix offers the best cardio equipment available on the market most with access to wifi and your favourite apps or content streaming sites such as Netflix..

Our range includes treadmills, Crosstrainers, bikes, Ascent trainer, Stair master skiergs, rowing machine and assault bikes.

Running track

At Ultra Fitness we provide a 15 metre x 6 metre running track.

Perfect for speed work, sled pulls or a small group fitness class.

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